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WoW ,a whole page just about me!

How would I present myself? Hard, like any woman I guess. Which woman can describe and present herself in a few lines? After all, each of us is actually a small universe of emotions, desires, and aspirations. So, I still have to start somewhere. I’m Jo. I am one of the lucky ones who work their hobby and that is why I do not have to work even a day. I deal with a lot of things that at first glance are very different. I have been interested in modeling for almost ten years, and in time I discovered its various aspects, also related to acting. In addition, I am actively involved in blogging. And here I am. Here, in Turbofolk blog!  I love the music! And the quality turbofolk music presented by talented performers with a lot of mastery, enthusiasm and sex appeal definitely deserves the necessary attention. That’s what I decided to do! A blog dedicated to turbofolk and its representatives. I hope we have fun together!