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Mile Kitić


For over 30 years, Mile Kitić has been on the music scene and has managed to be one of the most up-to-date turbo folk performers in the Balkans. Over the years he has sung some of the biggest hits, including: „Plava ciganka”, „Jasmina”, „Kraljica trotoara”, „Svi su tu”, „Milioni, kamioni”, „Sampanjac”, „Sanker”, „Kopka me kopka”, „Bomba”, „Pije mi se”, „Kilo dole kilo gore” and many others.

The legendary turbo folk performer was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina on January 1, 1952. He comes as a New Year’s gift to his parents, after three daughters. From a very young age, everyone is convinced that he will become a singer – he sings at all school gatherings and recitals. Mile Kitich began his career in the middle of the 1970s, realizing his first single turbo folk records. In the early 1980s, Mile lived in the United States but returned because of her music career. His first solo album,  „Ako te budu pitali“, was released in 1982, and the second in 1983, „Jorgovani plavi“. His career was developing very quickly when he started working with the “Južni Vetar” Group. This is followed by many more albums, which beat sales records in Serbia.  In 1995, Mile and “Južni Vetar” split after 11 albums and countless hits.

Mile is said to be fully committed to his job. He is one of the few performers who can sing so well live that they sound like they are on a studio recording. Mile Kitic is one of the most loved turbo folk artists in Serbia and the countries of the former Yugoslavia. One of the star’s recent hits, who was realized in 2015 – “Kilo dole kilo gore” has over 94 million YouTube views so far. In 2017, the turbo folk singer is awarded a silver logo from YouTube, which is a pretty significant award in the internet world. Now he has over 392,000 followers in YouTube.