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Lepa Brena

photo by Wikimedia

Serbian and Balkan turbofolk star Lepa Brena celebrates her birthday on October 20th. The singer was born in Brcko, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1960. Her real name is Fahreta Jahic, but she has added to her the name of her husband, the great Serbian tennis player Slobodan Zivojnovic, whom she has been married to since 1991. Her artistic nickname comes from the exclamation of the viewer, who defines her as a “lepotica” ,which means beauty. Her career began in 1980 in Yugoslavia.

After the wedding with Slobodan Zivojinovic, they have been living in Florida for some time. There, the turbofolk singer recorded her album “Ja nemam drugi dom”, which became one of the most successful for her. Brenna and Bob have two sons named Stefan, who was born in 1992 and Victor – born in 1998, but she accepts as her son Philip, who is a child from the tennis player’s first marriage. At that time, her life seemed fabulous, full of glory, wealth and love. But we ourselves know that things are not always what they seem and that behind every perfect life lies deep wounds, problems and traumas … This fate did not pass even Lepa Brena, though she hid this fact from the public. Nineteen years ago, the turbofolk singer experienced one of the biggest fears of all parents – her older son Stefan was abducted.  Then he is returned after payment of the ransom. The performer takes the event very hard and briefly stops making music. She devotes herself entirely to her children. In June 2008, after 8 years of absence from the stage, she released the album “Uđi slobodno”, which included the hits “Pazi kome zavidiš” and “Kuća laži“. She is shooting a half-hour documentary that marks TV Pink’s record-breaking viewership.

Described as the “folk legend of the Balkans”,  She is the most popular and loved singer there. Lepa Brena is known with her singing ,also with her always blond hair, long legs and with passion and stylish performances on stage.

Categorically this is Lepa Brena’s most popular song. It was released in 1996 on the album Luda za tobom. The music video for “Ti si moj greh” had an ancient Egyptian theme, with Brena dressed as a pharaoh.


The song and the album of the same name were released in 1996. This is the thirteenth studio album in her career. “Luda za tobom” is cover is a Greek song and it’s one of Lepa Brena’s big hits.


“Odiseja ljubavi” – this is the last realized video clip of Lepa Brena. The date of realize is On October 18, 2019. The video was filmed for a few days and the Brena changed a few stylings and hairstyles. The singer revealed to the media that she recorded the song thanks to her daughter-in-law, Aleksandra Prijović, who recognized on first listening that Brena is the only one who could best convey the emotion that the song carries.